Friday, June 29, 2007

A Great Day To Be A Golden Retriever!

Close up photo and clean toofies!

Lush garden!
A festive gift from Hawaii!
Auntie Dav's love!
And Mom's attention!


Did Someone Say 'Luau'???

And did I mention...
I love my lei!

Pretty Girls Love Pretty Flowers!

I love my lush green garden!

I love attention!
I love photo opportunities!
And mostly... I love my lei!

Thanks, Auntie Dav!


Auntie Dav just got back from Hawaii!

And she brought me this beautiful lei!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Golden Retriever Thoughts for Today

1. Shoving pillows around on the sofa is fun indoor activity.
2. Why does it rain every weekend, while week days are gloriously sunny?
3. That squirt-in-da-mouf stuff is starting to taste pretty good!
4. Mom works too hard for too long. I don't like it when she doesn't have enough brain left for me!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fred Found, Thanks to Chip

Hey look! Fred was found in the Second Chance Center for Animals in Flagstaff, Arizona... 430 miles away from home and 6 months after his disappearance.

It seems to me that either his abductors suddenly gained a conscience, or ole Fred has a keen sense of adventure and remarkable survival and map reading skills... so that when he tired of his adventure, he was able to find the next best thing to a bus station!

Fred had a chip (and if Mom reads this, I guess I'll be getting one soon), and that's how they figured out that he was from Riverside County, in southern California.

Who knows how much of that 430 miles Fred walked, but he's getting a plane ride home!

Photo courtesy of KHPO, Channel 5, Phoenix, Arizona.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dear Diary: The Day After

The best part about the day after is that my eating and drinking privileges have been restored.

The worst part about the day after is that I will now be getting a squirt of this awful stuff in my mouth after every meal. It smells pretty good, though. If you don't believe me, sniff Mom. She's wearing it!

Dear Diary: Still Mopey

... and Mom thinks Im mad at her.

How could I be mad at Mom???

I wasn't crazy about yesterday.
I missed breakfast, was put in a jail cell,
had my blood drained and an EKG,
was made to take a nap... and I woke up with a sore mouf.
To add insult to injury, when I got home,
I was only given a sip of water every thirty minutes
and two small snacks of about one quarter each of my regular dinner.

It's just kinda hard to be lovey dovey after a day like that...
but I'm not mad at Mom!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dear Diary: 2 Groggy 2 Bloggy

'S what I am.
Not 2 groggy 2 beg for food or drink
2 ask 2 go outside.
But 2 groggy 2 have meaningful dialogue.
I sure have pretty toofies, though.

OLD Photo with the dirty toofies.
I'm not in the mood, and Mom's too tired
to take a picture of the clean toofies... but stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dear Diary: Phone Message, Fear and...

Phone Message:

Ah oh. Miss Leslie left a message on the answering machine this morning, after Mom had left for work. I heard it. Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow I will have my teeth cleaned. Tomorrow.


I have none. Ok, I have a little. Not much, I said, just a little. Frankly, I'm more afraid of a morning without breakfast... but I will handle it like a trooper.

Mom's a little iffy. One minute she's fine. The next minute she's a little "teary".


Could we please stop playing "Hug the puppy"????

Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Golden Retiever's Thoughts on Impending Dental Care

I started taking mystery pills today,
anti-bionics or some such thing,
and the last time this happened,
I found myself having my toofies cleaned.

  1. My breaf couldn't be THAT bad, cause Mom and I often sleep nose to nose. The only complaints I've heard from her was about "murder" on my breaf!
  2. My toofies are clean enough for a pretty smile. And if you don't think so, turn your head.
  3. My toofies are strong enough to crunch through dry kibbles, Buddies biscuits and Dingo bones.
  4. This may be the true test of our monarchy, as the formal edict from the queen reads... "Down with Dental Care."
  5. I believe this violates number 10 of 'The Ten Commandments', which reads in part, "Thou shalt never leave me behind." Ok, I know this falls within the exceptions, but you can bet I'll look over my shoulder and make Mom feel bad about this one!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Ten Commandments For Living With A Golden Retriever

  1. Thou shalt love me with all your heart, as I will love you.
  2. Thou shalt accept and understand that I will strive to become you, and to have you become me. As a puppy, sometimes I'm challenging and sometimes I'm challenged, by where you start and I begin. Hang in there with me, though, my intentions are noble, though my actions may be mischievous.

  3. Thou shalt spend every possible moment of every day with me, and be as grateful for it as I am.

  4. Thou shalt talk to me always and all ways. Thou shalt talk to me openly and often, and know that I love you, unconditionally. A little singing endears you to me even more.

  5. Thou shalt laugh and play with me. Let yourself go, and laugh and play as you would never would with anyone else. Our bond is sacred. I'll never tell your secrets. Your guard is safe with me. And you can bet I'll always respond with surprised spontaneity when you allow your tender, childlike side to be exposed to others.

  6. Thou shalt understand that my love of fun and mischief is trumped only by my love of pleasing of you. And it takes a lot of time for me to understand the differences between the two, to understand the difference between 'good girl' and 'no no sweet girl'!
  7. Thou shalt feed me the appropriate amount of good and wholesome foods. As a golden, I am born with a voracious appetite and an avid joy for eating. Thou shalt take it upon yourself to monitor the quality and quantity of my intake, as (I'll admit it) I can't be trusted with that decision!

  8. Thou shalt groom me: clear my eye boogies every day, brush me often, bathe me regularly and keep my teeth clean and my nails trimmed. More than the great pride I take in my appearance, I appreciate the attention from you. And I will return it 1000 fold!

  9. Thou shalt be willing to put all your resources on the table for me. Though I may SEEM a bit selfish at times, it's really just that I'm accustomed to receiving so much, and (heehee) it's my little way of telling you how much I like it all. You should know, though... I would lay down my life for you!

  10. Thou shalt never abandon me. And thou shalt never leave me behind. I know there are exceptions... like when you are going places that I wouldn't prefer to staying home. Just know that being with you is everything to me, and I will trust your decisions.

Golden Retriever Rescue

Early this morning, Mom and I watched a thing on the news about Golden Retrievers who have been rescued, and a fundraiser to support their care... and more rescues.

Whoa! This idea of "rescue" is completely foreign to me... but as Mom and I laid in bed together, she told me bits and snippets of how peoples fail God's most special creatures.

And I began to reflect on 'The Ten Commandments'...

A Golden Retriever Who Dunnit (& Fundraiser)

Mom and I saw it on the news this morning...

Mystery author
David Rosenfelt has written a a new book, featuring a Golden Retriever. And he'll be available for a book signing and fund raising event (for two Golden Retriever Rescue groups) at French Alliance ( 427 Lovett Blvd, Houston, Tx 77006, 713 526 1121) on June 9, from 3 to 5pm.

Ten bills will get Mom in and she can enjoy appetizers, drinks, a silent auction and a live one... for naming rights of a character to be featured in his next book! An while I'm pretty secure in goldenhood, I would be lying if I didn't admit to being a little awestruck at the possibility of having his next heroine named after li'l ole me! .

In the meantime, you can find me clearing Mom's schedule for the 9th. Go Mom go! And take your doggy bank!

Friday, June 01, 2007

A Golden Retriever's Thoughts on Veterinary Care & Routine Maintenance

Took me a trip today... to one of my favorite places!
Doctor B's Office!

Yep, you read that right! I know, I know... I just might be the only dog in the world that loves to go to the vet's office, but I do! I really do!

I should, however, qualify that statement by saying... I've never been hurt, and I've only been sick once (though there have been a couple of times that Mom flipped out over something that was nothing). Here's how it went today:

  1. Great car ride with tons of cold air blowing on my face, and songs sung about me!
  2. Got there twenty minutes early... hopped out of the car and tried to p in a big bunch of blooming flowers. I guess from Mom's reaction... that's a no-no.
  3. Took a walk down the street where I grew up! Kinda fun... kinda fulla memories... and a major 'Thank The Good Lord' moment that I now have my own backyard!
  4. Met a really nice lady who mistook my "eeeeeeeeeeeeee" as an 'I don't want to be here' shriek, rather than my anthem of shear joy. Got some good lovin' from her!
  5. Loved all the 'girls' behind the big counter... them that had two legs and them that had four. Miss L gave me a handful of liver treats, and talked to me about many meaningful subjects, including how pretty I am (if a golden retriever could blush... I would have. Instead, awww shucks, I squinted and smiled.)
  6. Doctor B checked me over thoroughly... twice (gee thanks, Mom), gave me a quick shot to the back of the neck (didn't feel a thing) and some nose spray. Ok, that's the one thing I don't like...
  7. Got a pedicure, and I liked that best when I got home... better traction on the hardwoods, less on the comforter!
  8. Gal who operates the computer at checkout might be occasionally dyslexic... She typed my weight as 66 pounds (instead of 69!)... and you gotta love her for that! Unfortunately, Mom noted that she was dead on with the invoice amount. Yikes. Mom said I might have to get a job.
  9. Mom made an appointment for me to go back to see them next Wednesday! That seems a bit odd, so soon... but it's ok. I've got many other 'bits' in my repertoire!
  10. The trip home was great, too... lots of cold air and resting my head on Mom's shoulder. And awaiting me at home, was a cool bowl of water, a yard full of squirrels... and a nice afternoon nap. Life's good!

Like A Frisbee!

Ever have one of these, launch out of the top of a tree,
sailing, sailing, sailing toward the ground...
until you catch it in your mouth like a frisbee?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. Search for squirrel!

Until today, neither had I.

Long Story Made Short:
Flushed four squirrels, a mama and her adolescents.
Mama S ran up a small tree. And I tried to climb up after her.
MY Mom got the rake to get my attention.
I think Mama S thought MY Mom was scolding her, rather than me.
Mama S sailed... and I caught her in mid-air.
Picture all three (me and the two mamas) of us shocked!
I was so shocked that I let her go, but chased her to the fence...
where she ran to safety.
There is no murder on my breath today!