Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Ten Commandments For Living With A Golden Retriever

  1. Thou shalt love me with all your heart, as I will love you.
  2. Thou shalt accept and understand that I will strive to become you, and to have you become me. As a puppy, sometimes I'm challenging and sometimes I'm challenged, by where you start and I begin. Hang in there with me, though, my intentions are noble, though my actions may be mischievous.

  3. Thou shalt spend every possible moment of every day with me, and be as grateful for it as I am.

  4. Thou shalt talk to me always and all ways. Thou shalt talk to me openly and often, and know that I love you, unconditionally. A little singing endears you to me even more.

  5. Thou shalt laugh and play with me. Let yourself go, and laugh and play as you would never would with anyone else. Our bond is sacred. I'll never tell your secrets. Your guard is safe with me. And you can bet I'll always respond with surprised spontaneity when you allow your tender, childlike side to be exposed to others.

  6. Thou shalt understand that my love of fun and mischief is trumped only by my love of pleasing of you. And it takes a lot of time for me to understand the differences between the two, to understand the difference between 'good girl' and 'no no sweet girl'!
  7. Thou shalt feed me the appropriate amount of good and wholesome foods. As a golden, I am born with a voracious appetite and an avid joy for eating. Thou shalt take it upon yourself to monitor the quality and quantity of my intake, as (I'll admit it) I can't be trusted with that decision!

  8. Thou shalt groom me: clear my eye boogies every day, brush me often, bathe me regularly and keep my teeth clean and my nails trimmed. More than the great pride I take in my appearance, I appreciate the attention from you. And I will return it 1000 fold!

  9. Thou shalt be willing to put all your resources on the table for me. Though I may SEEM a bit selfish at times, it's really just that I'm accustomed to receiving so much, and (heehee) it's my little way of telling you how much I like it all. You should know, though... I would lay down my life for you!

  10. Thou shalt never abandon me. And thou shalt never leave me behind. I know there are exceptions... like when you are going places that I wouldn't prefer to staying home. Just know that being with you is everything to me, and I will trust your decisions.

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