Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Golden Retiever's Thoughts on Impending Dental Care

I started taking mystery pills today,
anti-bionics or some such thing,
and the last time this happened,
I found myself having my toofies cleaned.

  1. My breaf couldn't be THAT bad, cause Mom and I often sleep nose to nose. The only complaints I've heard from her was about "murder" on my breaf!
  2. My toofies are clean enough for a pretty smile. And if you don't think so, turn your head.
  3. My toofies are strong enough to crunch through dry kibbles, Buddies biscuits and Dingo bones.
  4. This may be the true test of our monarchy, as the formal edict from the queen reads... "Down with Dental Care."
  5. I believe this violates number 10 of 'The Ten Commandments', which reads in part, "Thou shalt never leave me behind." Ok, I know this falls within the exceptions, but you can bet I'll look over my shoulder and make Mom feel bad about this one!

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