Friday, March 30, 2007

Dear Diary: Science Diet Recalls!

Along with very bad news there is also good news:

I am mere moments away from a life of
roasted duck with mango salsa!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dear Diary: An Introduction

An idea for a new blog concept is born...

Credit for the nifty cartoon goes mostly to the folks that inscribed and tagged it...
but thanks also go to my pal who sent it to me in a gmail!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dial M for Mailman, Mischief & Mama!

A little thing happened today.

It was an ordinary day, by all other counts... until that shady mailman planted his capitalist propoganda into my mailbox... and what can I say...

Today I snapped.

Hear me out! For four years, he's tiptoed onto my porch in his eerily passive, yet oppressingly official blue uniform and sneaky shoes. He plants all manner of documents... catalogs, circulars and bills, in the metal box by my front door. To his credit, he occasionally brings cards that I send Mom... but for the most part, he delivers pure evil.

And today... I snapped.

What did I learn about hitting the window and barking with wild abandon? Well...
  1. The alarm really works. Thank you Brinks!

  2. Policemen take home intrusions seriously. (Shout out to Officer Dave!... Smooches!).

  3. Mom can get home really fast when she's scared.

  4. Auntie S, next door, is even faster.

  5. It's probably not a good thing to bark wrecklessly (as if she's a burglar), when Mom can't remember the alarm password.

  6. All in all, though, not a bad deal. Mailman at bay... Mom home early... and tons of attention!

Hmmmm... I may try this again tomorrow!

Toby Saves His Mom!

I jump on MY mom all the time,
but Toby really knows what he's doing!

Photo by Adelma Gregory-Bunnell / Cecil Whig via AP. Thanks!

Toby, a brilliant 2-year-old golden retriever, witnessed his Mom choking on an apple. She tried to perform the Heimlich on herself but wasn't successful. After she began beating on her chest, Toby sensed an emergency at hand, and took matters into his own paws.

He stood up on his hind feet, put his front paws on her shoulders, pushed her to the ground, and began to jump up and down on her chest. The apple dislodged and Toby licked his Mom's face to keep her from passing out!

For the record, I would do anything to rescue MY Mom, and I would have reacted the exact same way... except I would have also scarfed down the apple bite.

No need in letting a tasty treat go to waste!