Saturday, April 29, 2006

Working The Room at the Vet's Office: Bob Hope Would Be Proud!

I might have mentioned here before... I love to go. And today we went to the vet's office for my 6 month checkup and shots.

We left home during a break in this morning's storm. To show my appreciation to Mom, from the constraints of my backseat belt, I alternately rested my head on her shoulder and gently licked her cheek. Of course, I had to take the occasional break to shnooof the air conditioning!

We arrived at the vet's office to find a crowded waiting room. There were small dogs; there were large dogs. There were sick dogs; there were scared dogs. And they were all there to be entertained. So, for 53 minutes, much to Mom's dismay, entertain I did! I know my commands, and sit I shall... but there's not a command in the world to keep me from sweeping the floor with my tail and smiling, smiling, smiling! And if the occasional "woo woo woo" parts my lips, am I to blame?

I believe I brought a little sunshine into Betty's day, and she needed that since she was suffering from a mild case of sloopy poopy.

And the little PomPom, who had a fear of large dogs since one attacked her... I think my gentle kisses helped her overcome at least some of her fears. After all, she was willingly coming out of her little 'purse' to watch me!

And the two little chewawas couldn't keep their eyes off me!

Of course, there was the one brief intermission... when the Mom of the pit bull asked us to all move to one side of the room, because he was "cantankerous"... HER words, not MINE. MINE would be... scarey as hell! To everyone's relief, he passed right through the waiting room to a maximum security kennel.

My checkup was short, but pleasant. Dr. B was out of town, so I saw Dr. C. I like Dr. B a little better, only because she "gets" me and Mom. Dr. C is nice though, even though he seems a little suspicious of my good nature! So, I got a shot and a squirt up the nose. The good thing is that Dr. C won't get kennel cough either. No lumps, no bumps, good heart, clear lungs, a pokey in the rear and my nails clipped! I'm good for another 6 months!

The trip home was as the trip there. And the water bowl was a welcome sight at home!

The adventure, for whatever reason, seemed a little tiring for Mom. She went to lunch with Sammy's Mom and Dad (Sammy went to the vet this morning, too!). They must have left us home so they could commisserate or some such thing. And when she got home, we took a good long nap.

Ok, I'll admit it... I'm a little tired, too.

But the troops had to be entertained. It was the least I could do, given the opportunity and the circumstances. So long as there is need, the CSO (Comet Service Organization) show must go on!

But for now... I must rest and reflect on the day.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Ell Eee Tee Ess GO!

Perhaps you can tell from today's discussion topic... I've got GOING on my mind.

Me and Sammy and our moms went on a walk last night. And I think we should go on a walk tonight. I mean, we should, right?

I have tried all of the tricks. I have barked. I have bumped the leash hanging on the hook, repeatedly. I have stared Mom down. And I have sighed deeply.

And nothing. Absolutely NOTHING.

Mom seems real tired and has been on the phone non-stop... something about a meeting, question on a jobsite and my uncle in the hospital (he's ok, thank God!). She even talked to some man that must've done her wrong some time. That may have been the final straw.

I'm afraid the only place we're going tonight is... bed.


goldens rule no. 8

The more I go, the more I want... yea, the more I expect to go.

A Golden Girl's Thoughts On Going

I love going:
  1. on vacations
  2. camping
  3. to the beach
  4. to friends' houses
  5. on walks
  6. on playdates
  7. to Petco / PetsMart
  8. outside
  9. to bed

There are exceptions. I don't like going:

  1. On errands. I don't get it. You go and go and go and end up right back where you started. Makes no sense.
  2. And being dropped off. Name the reason. It ain't good.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pawsing With Skooochy

Sammy gave him to me for my birthday.
He's named that because that's the sound he makes.
He's an excellent wrestling partner, and I like to rest with him, too.
He fits into the window sill real good, and I like to rest my head on him.
(Check out my muddy paws. Mom almost had a heart attack when she caught me in this chair!)

Curling Up With Bob

My Birthday Present from ShineyBo!
Skweek Skweek Skweek Skweek!
Excellent vocal companion to the American Idol Contestants.
Text message VOTE to 530-BOB!
Love that Bob!
(Not so crazy about Mom's housekeeping! She's been making boxes again!)

My Birthday Gifts

The Lineup:

Skooochy, Big Frawgy, Chocklick Covered Do-nut (front), Bob, Ducky (aka Kenny), Flamingo in a Bikini, Funny Blue Bird, Jonah 5, Jonah 6, Jonah 7, Lil Frawgy
(You're probably wondering. Yes, Mom took this picture while I was outside).

So Check It Out, Dawg...!

Last night, I slept with the WackWack, the Easter Bunny, Jonah (of course), Bob, Frawgy and Skooochy! Oh yeah, and Mom!

Then this morning when Mom was in the shower, I reached in the bag that Shiney gave me and retrieved my little ducky! I don't know what I'm gonna call him yet, but for some reason, I'm thinking... Kenny!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dear Comet!

Happy Birthday to Me!

I have, indeed, had a happy birthday.

I got to open presents from Auntie M and ShineyBo last night. They gave me a squeaky hedgehog, that I call Bob. And I got a ducky and a chocklick covered do-nut! Let the festivities begin!

Then early this morning, as I 'smuggled' my little head next to Mom's, she quietly hummed the birthday song to me, while I gently kept time with the tip of my tail.

Mom had to go to work at the milkbone factory (as usual), but she came home a little early to get the party started.

We kicked off the celebration with a little present opening. Mom had a big bag of toys for me, and I was ecstatic over each one. As is Mom's way, she let me pick one to play with immediately (I picked Frawgy) and she put the rest back in the bag, out of my reach. She did that she said because she "didn't want them to get spoiled". I'm sure it was 'them' she said... and certainly not ME!

So we were just kicking it with Frawgy, and I was secretly waiting on Mom to make me my traditional birthday hamburger... when the phone rang. It was Sam's mom. She said we should look out our front door. I did! And there was another bag of presents! My Sammy... he gave me a festive bandanna (with "LOVE" on it!), a collapsible water bowl for our walks, and a zebra that I call Skooochy!

I am ONE HAPPY GIRL! And I'm gonna round out my evening with a lot of loving, a lot of play, and a good ole hamburger!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What April 19th Means To Me

Wellington P Bonaparte

Wellington was my brother. He and I were born on the same day of different years. He was born in 1984, and I was born in 1999. I owe him the great fortune of the life I live, and I still pause wistfully at the mention of his name.

You see, Mom and Wellington were satisfied with their lives together. But when Aunt Susan, who was present at my birth, called to Mom that she had to have me... well, from what I hear, though reluctant, Mom considered the events some sort of divine calling.

I don't know if it was divine or not. What I do know is that Wellington, while not enthusiastic about a new protege/sister, was patient, tolerant and (he would kill me for saying this) very 'mothering'.

He was patient. He was kind. He was my protector. It was funny. He would let me get by with any indescretion, as long as Mom wasn't a witness. Once he saw her, he would growl to scold me.

He tried his best to teach me. I swear, he knew everything. He knew what to do and when. He tried to show me how to be, but I was a wee bit resistant, and a wee bit jealous.

What I know now is that he was trying to show my how to take care of Mom. You see, Wellington was the ONE constant in Mom's life. He saw her through all of her losses. He worried about her, and he stood strong for her. And I believe in the end, he entrusted her to me.

Don't ask me how I know... but Mom has a lot of undeveloped film, including many photos of Wellington and me together. I hope she'll have it developed so I can post them here...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Some Bunny Loves Me!

Easter morning is here!

Check out my Easter Basket!

The Easter Bunny left me toys... a bunny, a pink rooster, a purple bone, and a goose in a bikini! The rest of the basket is filled with Dingo treats!

I love that Easter Bunny! Happy Easter to all!

Friday, April 14, 2006


***Mom found this cool new website!
It'S perfect for all of your shopping needs!
And by the by, it seems that someone you love
is celebrating a birthday soon!

My Much Anticipated Bath

Yes. It's a 'done deal'.
I spent the afternoon in the bathtub,
and in the bathroom with the blow dryer.

Now I smell heavenly,
and Mom smells like a wet dog

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Golden Retrievers... Clumsy?

According to Planet Dog: a doglopedia, Golden Retrievers rank #8 in the list of the 10 Clumsiest Dogs!

I rather differ with that characterization!
I prefer to think that I have an unbridled joy for life, and an unhibited, nonchalant, and playful disposition!

Here are the other maligned families:

  1. Chocolate Labrador
  2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  3. Rottweiler
  4. Springer Spaniel
  5. German Shepherd crossbreed
  6. Cocker Spaniel
  7. German Shepherd
  8. Golden Retriever
  9. Border Collie
  10. Yorkshire Terrier

A Golden Retriever Joke

A woman and her golden retriever walk into a pub and sidle up to the bar. The woman announces to the bartender that the golden can talk. The bartender says, "Ma'am, if you're dog can talk, I'll buy you both a beer!"

The woman says, "It's a deal!", turns to the golden retriver and asks, "What's the structure over our heads called?". The golden looks up, thinks a moment and says, "Roof".

The bartender is unimpressed. So, the woman turns again to the dog and asks, "Who's the greatest baseball player of all time?". The golden thinks a moment and replies, "Ruth".

With that answer, the bartender abruptly escorts both the woman and her dog to the curb, at which time the golden looks up at the bartender and says...


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mom Left Me Home Today...

when she went out to run errands. I was upset at first and I pouted a little.

But I danced my happy dance when she got home!

She brought home two boxes of Buddy Biscuits... Molasses Madness!

I love Mom.