Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Golden Retriever Joke

A woman and her golden retriever walk into a pub and sidle up to the bar. The woman announces to the bartender that the golden can talk. The bartender says, "Ma'am, if you're dog can talk, I'll buy you both a beer!"

The woman says, "It's a deal!", turns to the golden retriver and asks, "What's the structure over our heads called?". The golden looks up, thinks a moment and says, "Roof".

The bartender is unimpressed. So, the woman turns again to the dog and asks, "Who's the greatest baseball player of all time?". The golden thinks a moment and replies, "Ruth".

With that answer, the bartender abruptly escorts both the woman and her dog to the curb, at which time the golden looks up at the bartender and says...


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