Monday, November 19, 2007

Political season is upon us.

Butch up and display your
party affiliation with great art!

"Fear the Golden Retriever!" declarations show your reverence and respect for breed, and will quickly convince family, friends, and co-workers to prepare for the Golden Retriever Revolution.

"Many scholars predict the return of a "Golden Age" when the Golden Retrievers will launch their world domination plot, and turn mankind into mere servants.

You are either with the Golden Retriever, or against it! When the
Golden Retrievers launch their diabolical World-Domination plot, will you be spared as one of 'the lucky ones?' ".

Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Silence is golden"

... as the old American proverb says... but as we all know, a golden is rarely silent! She has to have a good reason!

My reason? Squirrel (pecan) season!

I've given them a run for their nuts, and much to Mom's dismay, I've got a few more notches on my collar. Some of them are pretty smart, though... and as much as my little oak tree has grown, they're now able to jump from it into larger trees, goshdarnit.

Sorry for the silence, but in my down time, I've been squeakin' on squeakers, nappin', waitin' or lovin' on Mom.

That's not to say that I haven't had various and sundry enlightenin' thoughts worthy of sharin'... just that I've been thinkin' an hordin' em.

Holidays are 'proachin' now, though... squirrels are a might lackadaisical these days, and who knows... I might just take a break from network tv and blog a while (thanks or blame goes to the writers strike).