Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Squirrels Need a Contraption

I've spent the weekend guarding the pecan tree. Mom has gathered pecans, from time to time, this weekend. She gathers some, and leaves others. I'm not sure I get the process.
As I lie in wait, the evil varmints throw the partially eaten produce and hulls down into the yard. Their plot, which I have successfully foiled, is to throw them down and then come down to feed and gather them up.

The scent of a freshly nibbled pecan is more than I can sometimes resist. Mom has scolded me several times as I've attempted to figure out what the big deal is. I think they taste nasty... and Mom says something about unripened or rotten. I don't know, the varmints are eating them like crazy.

On the other hand, Mom put some of the ones she gathered... into a contraption... Reed's Rocket!!! She let me try the much smaller and irregularly shaped pieces afterwards. Quite tasty!

The squirrels need one of these contraptions...!