Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas to All...

And to All a Good Night!

As "legend" has it... this is pick-up night...
you know, the night that Santa comes back
and picks up toys from children who are not grateful...

So, let me begin by thanking everyone
who made my Christmas SPECIAL beyond my wildest dreams!

Thank you, Mom!

And thank you Aunties and God-Moms Kristi and Susan!
I'm truly sorry I've already killed the reindeer...
but at least he still rattles!

Thank you Auntie M and Shy-Knees!
Please know that Hippy lives well with me!
You MUST come for a playdate soon!

Thank you Auntie S, Uncle M and Sammy!
You know how I love couture...
and well, puppy baby has the most adorable squeaky!

And thank you Auntie D, Uncle B and cousin Lovey!
I adore the duck, mini effy and min-pin-gwin!
And while I'm not keen on Mom's visit to you on this specialist of days...
I also want to thank you for the mood she returns to me in,
and for the tasty foil wrapped foods she brings in tow!
It's a small price to pay for a solitary nap! :-)

All in all, it was a BLESSED Christmas Day!
Mom didn't get the Play Station 3 that I asked for...
but she told me, as we shmuggled tonight...

all she really wants is
continued good health and long days for us both!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Couture and My Gift from Sammy!

Christmas is full of surprises...
And so is Sammy!

Poised on sofa pillows, I am adorning Christmas couture from Sammy, and accessorized with reindeer antlers, strung with mock Christmas lights.

I love my festive new collar... but not as much as the soft, squeaking puppy baby that Sammy also gave me! If I seem a bit impatient here... it's because the baby lurks in the bedroom, calling me hither!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Krinkle Christmas, Mom!

Reindeer Dog... Comet!

Mom has been scurrying around here, decorating my tree... and arriving home each day with exciting bags of goodies that I know are all for me! I'm allowed to root my nose through a few of them, but most are put away... far, far out of my reach.

Still... I decided to surprise her with another card!

My Mom loves and collects Krinkle ornaments, and it all started with Reindeer Dog.
You see, she and Auntie D have this tradition.
They spend one whole Saturday... away from me.
Ok, I'm not so keen on that part, but they go to some place called eeeevints...
and the great thing is that Mom comes back really happy...
loaded with bags and bags of neat things she hangs on my special tree.

I don't know what all they do on their expedition...
but this year Mom came home smelling like Cheddar! (more on that later!).

What Mom doesn't know... is that Auntie D and I have OUR traditions too...
We sneak off and buy really great things for Mom... like this card!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Merry Christmas, Mom!

Is this what you meant when you said I could have my own tree?

This is actually the first Christmas card I sent my Mom this year!
She loved it! And it was a terrific surprise!

The selection was quite easy as it both appropriately expresses my enthusiasm for the season and is reminiscent of the cards Mom sent out in celebration of my first Christmas!

And with a secretive trip down to the post office in Friendswood, I mailed this one off!
Thanks for the ride, Auntie D!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good girl this year.
And please remember that you can't believe everything the mailman says...
nor take the lawn guy's word as gospel!
I believe it would behoove you to listen more carefully
to my more impartial references...
like Mom!

Christmas is a time of holy celebration and gratitude and, well... for asking for things you want.

And in the spirit of self reflection, I am providing you with a short list of my desires. If you can't deliver everything, please begin at the top of the list!

  1. More one-on-one love, cuddle, play, story, laugh, talk, dance time with Mom.
  2. More time with everyone I love... family and friends.
  3. More songs about me, sung to me... by Mom.
  4. More time in my yard!
  5. More adventurous walks through the park and neighborhood.
  6. Another adventurous vacation.
  7. Soft and cute toys that squeak, rattle, talk and play hide-n-seek under the covers!
  8. Cute collars, coats and outfits that I can don with pride.
  9. Tasty treats I can gulp down... and long-lasting ones that I can hide under the sofa pillows.
  10. And Santa, in the spirit of the season,
    please bring a PlayStation 3 for Mom.

Wet kisses, huge tail wags... and lots of love!


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

How pretty I look in front of ye!

Don't let my glum look fool you.
I love posing in my new collar with holiday candy accents!
Mom bought us new hers and mine antlers... but I prefer hers to mine!