Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Krinkle Christmas, Mom!

Reindeer Dog... Comet!

Mom has been scurrying around here, decorating my tree... and arriving home each day with exciting bags of goodies that I know are all for me! I'm allowed to root my nose through a few of them, but most are put away... far, far out of my reach.

Still... I decided to surprise her with another card!

My Mom loves and collects Krinkle ornaments, and it all started with Reindeer Dog.
You see, she and Auntie D have this tradition.
They spend one whole Saturday... away from me.
Ok, I'm not so keen on that part, but they go to some place called eeeevints...
and the great thing is that Mom comes back really happy...
loaded with bags and bags of neat things she hangs on my special tree.

I don't know what all they do on their expedition...
but this year Mom came home smelling like Cheddar! (more on that later!).

What Mom doesn't know... is that Auntie D and I have OUR traditions too...
We sneak off and buy really great things for Mom... like this card!

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