Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dear Comet!

Happy Birthday to Me!

I have, indeed, had a happy birthday.

I got to open presents from Auntie M and ShineyBo last night. They gave me a squeaky hedgehog, that I call Bob. And I got a ducky and a chocklick covered do-nut! Let the festivities begin!

Then early this morning, as I 'smuggled' my little head next to Mom's, she quietly hummed the birthday song to me, while I gently kept time with the tip of my tail.

Mom had to go to work at the milkbone factory (as usual), but she came home a little early to get the party started.

We kicked off the celebration with a little present opening. Mom had a big bag of toys for me, and I was ecstatic over each one. As is Mom's way, she let me pick one to play with immediately (I picked Frawgy) and she put the rest back in the bag, out of my reach. She did that she said because she "didn't want them to get spoiled". I'm sure it was 'them' she said... and certainly not ME!

So we were just kicking it with Frawgy, and I was secretly waiting on Mom to make me my traditional birthday hamburger... when the phone rang. It was Sam's mom. She said we should look out our front door. I did! And there was another bag of presents! My Sammy... he gave me a festive bandanna (with "LOVE" on it!), a collapsible water bowl for our walks, and a zebra that I call Skooochy!

I am ONE HAPPY GIRL! And I'm gonna round out my evening with a lot of loving, a lot of play, and a good ole hamburger!

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