Friday, April 28, 2006

Ell Eee Tee Ess GO!

Perhaps you can tell from today's discussion topic... I've got GOING on my mind.

Me and Sammy and our moms went on a walk last night. And I think we should go on a walk tonight. I mean, we should, right?

I have tried all of the tricks. I have barked. I have bumped the leash hanging on the hook, repeatedly. I have stared Mom down. And I have sighed deeply.

And nothing. Absolutely NOTHING.

Mom seems real tired and has been on the phone non-stop... something about a meeting, question on a jobsite and my uncle in the hospital (he's ok, thank God!). She even talked to some man that must've done her wrong some time. That may have been the final straw.

I'm afraid the only place we're going tonight is... bed.


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