Friday, June 01, 2007

Like A Frisbee!

Ever have one of these, launch out of the top of a tree,
sailing, sailing, sailing toward the ground...
until you catch it in your mouth like a frisbee?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. Search for squirrel!

Until today, neither had I.

Long Story Made Short:
Flushed four squirrels, a mama and her adolescents.
Mama S ran up a small tree. And I tried to climb up after her.
MY Mom got the rake to get my attention.
I think Mama S thought MY Mom was scolding her, rather than me.
Mama S sailed... and I caught her in mid-air.
Picture all three (me and the two mamas) of us shocked!
I was so shocked that I let her go, but chased her to the fence...
where she ran to safety.
There is no murder on my breath today!

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