Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fred Found, Thanks to Chip

Hey look! Fred was found in the Second Chance Center for Animals in Flagstaff, Arizona... 430 miles away from home and 6 months after his disappearance.

It seems to me that either his abductors suddenly gained a conscience, or ole Fred has a keen sense of adventure and remarkable survival and map reading skills... so that when he tired of his adventure, he was able to find the next best thing to a bus station!

Fred had a chip (and if Mom reads this, I guess I'll be getting one soon), and that's how they figured out that he was from Riverside County, in southern California.

Who knows how much of that 430 miles Fred walked, but he's getting a plane ride home!

Photo courtesy of KHPO, Channel 5, Phoenix, Arizona.


Aunt Dav said...

This is unbelievable but will soon probably be a children's movie. Be sure and get your chip as soon as the GPS is incorporated!

Haley's Comet said...

You know Mom as well as I do! Aren't you surprised that I don't have a GPS backpack strapped to my back at all times???

And her long term plans call for a series of web cams to capture my weekday movements! Seriously, can a girl nap in the guest bedroom in privacy???