Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ask Miss C: Bribery

Peaking Knees from Hong Kong writes:

"I'm bribed every day, too... and just want to compare notes. What are your terms for allowing YOUR Mom to leave every day?"

Miss C replies:

Here's how it all goes down. Mom and I meet at my food bowl. My eyes are cleared of all eye-boogies; I receive numerous smooches to the lips, while my neck receives passionate caresses... punctuated with a kiss on the top of my nose. And then I go in for the shnarf...

One of these:

Two of these:

And one of these:

Once she checks my mouth (yes... she checks my mouth! More on that later), I'm resolved to the fact that she's leaving. I pay little attention to when she says she's coming back, as she tends to exaggerate on the quick side.

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