Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

I love Mom so much!
To celebrate her special day,
I insisted upon riding with her to pick up some breakfast foods
(after, of course, she lovingly prepared MY obligatory
get the day started meal).
She brought home a breakfast platter
that we both enjoyed immensely!

Afterwards, I gave her this swell monkey...
who spent most of his day watching her work:

Until I began to feel sorry for her...
working on Mother's day..
and well, ok, yeah... for her monkey, too...
and I stepped in for some lovin'...
and playin'... and squeakin'.

And then we both watched her work:

Our combined ogling was eventually quite effective!
Before we knew it, we had Mom to ourselves!

***A Special Note***
I wish Mom had her Mom.
I know how much she misses her.
And I know we would be celebrating in high fashion if Grandma were here.

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