Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ozarks Adventure: My First Full Day

I awoke early after a restful night's sleep with Mom on a teeny tiny bed. Mom says it is a queen, but it is definitely not fit for one. :-)

I could hardly wait to see what was outside the door. It was too dark to appreciate when we deboarded last night, after what seemed to me like a more than adequate nap in the car.

We quickly dressed, or I should say that Mom did. I have my own suitcase full of two coats, two sweaters, towels, toys, treats, food, leashes, stakes and cables... but I do not think I will need the apparel. It is colder in the air conditioned cabin than it is outside.

We headed out on our first trail about 7am. It was fun. There were so many scents; I just couldn't get enough. I swear (though Mom tells me not to), there was stuff out there I had never seen or even come close to smelling before.

There are squirrels here, too. Darn them all. They look different. Lots of em are black. Weird, huh?

We walked and walked and walked, and then we turned around and came back and headed down another trail. For a vacation, I couldn't figure out why Mom seemed a little impatient. She kept nagging me... "Don't ya need to boom?" I did. It's been a couple of days! But I wasn't sure it was appropriate. I mean, ya boom on level St Augustine, do you not? And I didn't find a speck.

We returned from our first hike, after about 45 minutes. I was hungry as an Ozark hog when we got back, so I ate a healthy breakfast and then rested my head in the window sill for a bit. Mid-morning, I greeted a second hike with equal enthusiasm! This is great!

After lunch, Mom left for what turned out to be a food gathering expedition. I stayed at the cabin with Auntie N, who I love... but I was none too happy about Mom leaving me. The sweetest site in these woods was her walking back in the door a short time later... WITH FOOD!
We went on more boomless hikes this afternoon. I had a nice nap. And I barked at some people who passed our cabin. Who knew there were peoples here???

Mom cooked fried chicken for dinner. She said it was bad for me and I couldn't have but just a little taste. What she didn't know is that Auntie N (did I mention that I love her?) fed me under the table. It sure was good!

We stayed close to the cabin after dinner. I don't think I've ever seen it so dark outside. The other girls worked on a jigsaw puzzle, while I dozed upside down on the sofa. Life is good in the Ozarks!

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