Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ozarks Adventure: Day Two... Rocks, Mountains & Boom!

I tell you... that bed ain't getting any bigger. We managed, though, to negotiate "equal" allocations of space. My half was on the pillows. :-)

We woke up as the sun began to filter in the window, and I was anxious to greet the trails!

If you ever wonder where God put most of the rocks and hills in the world, I'm inclined to tell you... the Ozarks. I have roamed on and off the trails, to the high side and to the low side. And there is nothing but more rocks and hearty vegetation. I like it, none the less. There are rock outcroppings and tiny caves and everywhere, trees, trees, trees.

At the far end of our early morning hike, we reached a beautiful lake where there were many large birds. It was peaceful, really. And we rested a bit, just gazing, before we doubled back to go home. I think what's really neat is the sound of it all. It's like nothing I've ever heard.

About half the way back, what can I say... nature placed a call. I turned around to head back to the lake, but Mom didn't budge. So I did it. Right there to the downward side of the narrow trail, I boomed the biggest boom I have ever boomed in my life. I looked back at Mom, afraid that I had committed an infraction. And there she stood, with her arms upward, as if declaring a touchdown!

We jogged most of the way back to the cabin... well, until we came to the part you almost need a set of stairs to climb. It seems that we both laid our cares down at the same time!

Mom walked in and announced to Auntie N... "Don't be suprised if someone issues a bear alert!" She thought it was funny. I did not.

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