Monday, November 07, 2005

Ozarks Adventure: Day Three... Trails, A Footloose Golden and Mom-Made Burgers

Mom laid down some laws about the bed. I didn't agree, but have felt too tired to really stake additional claims in the middle of the night. Ok, ok... I'll sleep north-south! I like, after all, that there is room for my Lolly!

I'm really getting the hang of this vacation thing:
  1. The big chair that Mom moved to the window serves as guard post, squirrel blind, and most excellent napping spot.
  2. The space on the sofa between Mom and Auntie N is just enough for me. Head placement should be on equal intervals of rotation, for maximum benefit.
  3. Dr. Phil, Oprah and the judge shows are all on tv in the Ozarks. God is good. And so are remotes, opposable thumbs and forefingers.
  4. Having my leash hanging by the door is cool. All I have to do is bump it with my nose... and voila! I'm out on the trail!
  5. Trails are cool! Wildlife rocks! Sights and scents are enough for me to overlook the... (errrr) rocks.
  6. I finally see the beauty of staying on the same side of the tree as Mom!
  7. I met a footloose golden! He was really friendly, and it was exciting! I was a tiny bit jealous that he had no string, but later Mom told me that she was afraid she would get lost. I'm good with the string now. I would never want Mom to get lost.
  8. Burgers! Can you believe it? Fried chicken, bacon and eggs... and burgers!!!! All in the same week!!!!
Life is GOOD in the Ozarks!

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