Sunday, August 21, 2005

Golden News: Brady Attends College with Shiloh

Brady helps his best friend attend college!

Photo of Shiloh and Brady
By Alyssa Schukar, Daily Nebraskan

You see, Shiloh Hobelman can walk, but lacks the muscle mass and stamina to travel across the campus and attend class, without the assistance of a motorized wheelchair... and his best friend, Brady!

Brady is trained to push open doors, retrieve dropped keys and other times and to offer devoted protection. As a plus, and true to the nature of all of us goldens, Brady is also an awesome icebreaker and a conversation starter!

Shiloh and Brady share a single room together on campus, and Brady is welcome everywhere. Class is his favorite part of the day... beginning with a lot of attention and heavy petting from classmates... and ending with an hour and a half nap!

You gotta read this story of two motivated com-paw-dres!

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