Saturday, August 20, 2005

Personality Types: Golden Retriever

Not entirely...

Golden Retriever:
Good at making friends. Very loyal.
Retriever personalities do not like big changes.
They look for security. Can be very sensitive. Very caring.
Have deep relationships, but usually only a couple of close friends.
Want to be loved by everyone.
Look for appreciation.
Work best in a limited situation with a steady work pattern.

Biblical Example: Abraham
Case Study: Genesis 12-22

Strength: Accommodating, calm, affirming.
Weakness: Indecisive, indifferent,
unable to express emotions, too soft on other people
Limitation: Seeing the need to be more assertive,
holding others accountable.

Author's Note:
Indecisive???? Indifferent????
Unable to express emotions????
Need to be more assertive????

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