Sunday, August 21, 2005

I did a bad thing, thanks to the meter reader

I did a bad thing and I have been in repentant mode all weekend.

I went out to play on Friday afternoon. I chased a squirrel across the yard and onto the fence. He ran to the gate and made his escape into the front yard. I jumped and hit the gate to see if I could catch him.

And imagine my surprise, when the gate opened.

Mom never leaves me unattended for very long, so she found me two houses down the street. But boy-o-boy was she scared then angry then grateful. And she told me all about it as we ran home. At the time, I figured I was in deep trouble, so I found a quiet corner and laid down.

Mom soon called me to her, though. We laid on the bed and she held me really tight. She told me how important I was to her, that my adventure had scared her, that she never wanted me to do that again, and that she really, really, really loves me.

She put a padlock on the gate this weekend. I guess she's doing all she can to make sure I'm not tempted again.

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