Thursday, May 03, 2007

Rouse Patrol & Time Out

Comet fought the Rouse...
And Comet won.

The aftermath:

  1. Comet ran quickly to the back door... came inside and put her own self into time out.
  2. Comet understands that she did a bad, bad thing.
  3. Comet understands that Ballerinas don't kill things.
  4. Comet didn't meant to kill the little thing... really, she didn't.
  5. Comet understands that this is not an appropriate way to thank Mom for coming home a little early.
  6. Comet understands that life's pleasures are extremely limited when you have... "murder on your breath".
  7. Comet understands that she will have to answer some questions at the Pearly Gates... where she hopes that instinct combined with the wanton stupidity of certain tresspassors will surely suffice as an appropriate answer.
  8. Comet further understands that killing things on the day the trash has been picked up is a particularly disgusting transgression.
  9. Comet must endure brushing of the teeth and a half bath and is still not allowed anywhere near her Mama's head... for the forseeable future.
  10. Comet secretly wishes she was paying the price for terminating Big Daddy Ricky, rather than his daughter Rinnie.
  11. Comet prefers to speak of herself in third person when she knows she has disappointed her Mother... the funeral director and mortician.

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