Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ask Miss C: Rouse

Welcome to the inaugural segment of my new series, in which I reply to questions posed to me by my faithful readers.

Hunter from Huntsville, Alabama writes:

"Whattahell's a rouse?"

Miss C replies:

Though I present myself here as a refined authoress,
prima ballerina and mannerly city girl,
I am also well in touch with my Alabama born, country gal roots...
therefore, I understand the exact nature of Mr. Hunter's question.
For my readers in other parts of the country,
allow me to rephrase the interrogative expression:

"What, exactly, is a 'rouse'?"

A rouse is a rat, or a mouse, or anything in between...
basically anything without hair on its tail, that ain't a possum.
For example, the recent victim of my enthusiastic chase,
looked mostly like this:

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia: Look up Brown Rat!

And yet, had the innocent disposition
and kind eyes of this one...
she was awfully close to the fence, too:

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia: Look up Wood Mouse!

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