Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ask Miss C: Mister P

Bully from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania writes:

"Who and what is Mister P?"

Miss C replies:

Mister P was a beloved member of my household, and inhabitant of our aquarium. He was a huge 12" long plecostomus, who had a love for re-arranging aquarium decor and sucking the algae off of rocks, glass and tree roots. We, regretfully, have no pictures of Mister P, but there is quite a strong resemblance here:

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia: Look up Plecostomus!

What do Mister P and I have in common?

My God-Mom Aunt Susan saw to it that I came from Alabama to live with my Mom. When Aunt Susan left Houston to move back home to Alabama, she was afraid that Mister P was too old and too large to survive the trip. And she asked if he could come live with us.

We were honored to have him. We took good care of him. And we loved him. We learned to gently bring life to the room, and to watch as he responded and brought life to the aquarium. Mom bought special food for him, discussed him proudly at the fish stores, and willingly resigned herself to cleaning up after him on a more than regular basis.

The other fishes seem displaced. Mister P is missed by all.

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