Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dear Diary (while America is Idle)

Mom watches this silly show every Tuesday and Wednesday nights lately.

It features a lot of howlin', a little spittin', a dog impersonator (sometimes Afghan, sometimes unclipped Airedale, sometimes Rhodesian Ridgeback, and tonight... poodle!), and Dr. Doolittle's daughter... who's clearly got it goin' on!

So here's what I'm thinkin' and doin' while Mom is distracted with America Is Idle:
  1. That new little dog in the back corner of the yard... is a nuisance. Doesn't she understand the rules of the Golden queendom?
  2. I can really mop the floor with my Easter Bunny! Seriously, she rocks!
  3. Ho hum ho hum with the text messaging, Mom!
  4. Sighin' really big sighs. They're not altogether effective... but I DO get my head rubbed!
  5. My birth mom's name was Haley... she bore not the slightest resemblance...

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