Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More Valentine's Love for Mom!

What can I say? I'm sneaky and I'm a real treasure in Mom's life (and so are my friends and family!)! I really get around. I sent this card from 150 miles north of here! THIS girl gets around!

Funny story about why I paw-wrote "purple" on the tail!

When my Mom came to see the stork for the first time, there were a bunch of us. She fell in love with me, but I was growing by leaps and bounds (literally) in those days. She spent a couple of hours with me, and was convinced that she and I were destined to play (out) our days together! I needed a little more time with my birth mother (which is a story for another day), so Mom went to the beach. Before leaving, she wanted to make sure I didn't change too much for her to recognize when she got back. So... she and Aunt Susan painted the tip of my tail with a permanent purple marker!

What Mom didn't count on was... I would never forget her! When she came walking up, all tanned and relaxed... I came a'running, purple tail and all! I wasn't going to let her leave without ME!

I love that ole gal!

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