Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Golden Retriever's Thoughts: My Weekend

  1. Excellent Friday afternoon photos... don't you think? (I think I might have heard the words... 'pretty' and 'precious' to describe them!).
  2. Gave Auntie Dav a card and some pritty pitchers for her birfday.
  3. Mom came home yesterday afternoon with chinese food and cookies... but she smelled like 'Cheddar'!
  4. Mom told me that 'Cheddar' is large, and I am small.
  5. Mom stayed a little too busy for my likin'. And she came home last night complainin' about those other peoples she calls 'Comets'. I think from the sound of it, they should be called the "No No Bad Girls".
  6. Entirely too much rain for good quality time outdoors.
  7. Over and out! I heard Mom ordered a pizza and there's a "ding" at the door!

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