Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Golden Retriever's Next Best Friend

It goes without saying that my very best friend is my Mom.

And now I'd like to introduce my next best friend: the Hawaiian Breeze oscillating fan that has come this day to reside on my side of the bed.

This 40" gal works in a variety of modes, moods, behaviors and speeds, is quiet as a mouth... and has a clicker that will allow Mom to operate it from HER side of the bed.

'She' was presented to me as a gift, intended to balance the disparity of temperatures between Mom's side of the bed and mine. I took a fabulous nap in her company, but the jury is still out as to whether I continue to prefer Mom's side of the bed.

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Deuce said...

Hello Haley!
Great blog! Thanks to your mom for doing your typing. Come see me, Deuce, at my blog, and visit my friend, Buffy, in England, who looks like you.
Once you're at my site, Buffy is on my Dogroll, at My Puppies Diary.
Hope we can do some barking back and forth. Wake the neighbors!
Deuce and Leslie, his Mom