Sunday, May 20, 2007

How I Enjoyed My Sunday

Sunday is a good day to paws and enjoy your garden...

Or to wreak havoc... whichever suits you!

Here's how I enjoyed MY Sunday:

  1. Slept in... shmuggled with Mom...
    and had a good long stretch.
  2. Made a circle through the house and went outside for general security and personal comfort purposes.
  3. Played with Hank, my honking duck.
  4. Ate my tasty breakfast.
  5. Ate a couple of bites of Mom's tasty breakfast.
  6. Went outside for personal comfort purposes...
    and to wake up the other dogs in the neighborhood.
  7. Got tons of leaves plucked from my tail and chest.
    Was asked how they got there...
    didn't know the answer.
  8. Took a nap, upside down on the bed.
  9. Found birthday bunny and wrestled him on the floor,
    hurdled him onto the bed and honked him senseless.
  10. Saw a squirrel out the back window
    and had to go back outside...
    chased, but did not catch him.
  11. Laid in the sun and enjoyed the cool breeze.
  12. Came inside to bark at something out the front window...
    can't remember what it was, but I assure you
    that I thwarted a major security threat.
  13. Watched Mom work.
  14. Took a nap, upside down in my chair.
  15. Reminded Mom of the time. Tick tock tick tock.
  16. Ate my tasty dinner, which oddly enough,
    tasted a lot like my breakfast.
  17. Dug a hole by the fence, under the huge azalea.
  18. Got scolded.
  19. Looked adorable wtih dirt on my nose.
  20. Barked at a little girl on the other side of the fence.
  21. Got scolded.
  22. Looked sheepish... and adorable.
  23. Laid in the shade, listened to the many and varied sounds,
    and sniffed the aromas...
    including the neighbor's barbecue pit!

Now I'm wondering... what Mom's having for dinner!
And hoping that tomorrow is another Sunday!

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