Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all of Our Nation's Soldiers!

...for your willingness to serve our country,
for your courageous and tireless efforts,
and for your tremendous bravery!

Awesome patriotic Golden Retriever cards,
aprons and other unique items make great gifts!
And in this nation of great freedom and diversity,
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Mom says that we owe everything we have to the freedoms
gained, secured and defended by American patriots.

She says that not all peoples, nor all puppies:

  • have a roof over their heads, nor their own well defined backyard,
    flooded or not... it's theirs, all theirs.
  • enough food in their bowl to not just stave off hunger...
    but to bring chubby back. (wait a minute... who's she calling chubby?).
  • have access to purveyors of goods for entertainment value only
    (I think she meant "toys"), much less the means to fill and hide two large bags
    and a medium sized box in the closet,
    as well as fill two baskets and a 30 gallon tub with said "used" goods...
    and still have enough to trip over.
  • own or have access to a television, much less 300+ channels
    (including Animal Planet) in high definition and the option to keep it on,
    just for "company".
  • sleep without care, in a king sized bed,
    under a ceiling fan and an air conditioning duct at night... belly up!
  • have any real iota of a clue of the dangers lurking in the neighbor's yard,
    much less across the globe.
  • have unrestricted (parental and otherwise!) to the internet,
    including the ability to blog to your golden heart's content!

She also says, and I agree...

We should lift our hearts up to God,
and our voices up to our Soldiers...
in gratitude and praise for all that is ours!

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