Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Bunny Visits Early!

The Easter Bunny rang the doorbell tonight!

Mom and I briefly debated... for whom the basket was delivered!
The eggs would reveal the mystery!
As Mom dreamed of chocolate,
I dreamed of chicken, pork and beef...
and wheat gluten free, tasty treats!

And what to our wondering tastebuds do we find,
but healthy, holistic, corn and wheat free treats
(and not a speck of chocolate)

Curious, Mom called Auntie S...
Did she see anything?
Well, yes... Auntie S happened on our front porch tonight...
and saw the Easter Bunny, delivering this basket!

Word on the street has it that my boyfriend,
Sammy, enjoyed the same bunny treats!
Word... Dude!

A special thanks to Auntie S for her generous support of,
and testimony in behalf of the Easter Bunny.

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