Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dear Diary

Barrel racing on the bed is so much fun! I ran a clean and competitive round while Mom was in the shower this morning.

It seems, in my fervor for a personal best... I ripped the comforter slightly about 12". I tried to lay on it so that Mom wouldn't discover it until this afternoon, but alas... I got so happy about something else that I moved.

Mom said, and I quote... "I could just kill you... or crawl back in the bed and love you to death".

In her defense, that ole gal is pretty patient with me. And I guess if this were the first time, she wouldn't have taken the news so hard. In actuality, this will be the fifth comforter that we've had to lay to rest, but only the second one since January 6th.

You're wondering what Mom decided to do to me...

She sighed deeply, sat quietly on the end of the bed... and rubbed my head. And I gave her my repentant look. I'll do my best, I said...

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