Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Twenty Fun Things To Do When Mom Is Home Sick

  1. Bring her toys.
  2. Lay on the clicker.
  3. Sigh loudly.
  4. At her slightest movement, jump up suddenly and run to the back door.
  5. Come back and stare at her from her side of the bed.
  6. When she lets you out, pray on her weakness and refuse to come back in.
  7. Run in circles, restlessly through the house.
  8. Move the blinds back and forth in the windows.
  9. Lie quietly in the bed beside her, then abruptly bark... at the meter reader, a squirrel, a bird, a leaf... or nothing at all.
  10. Throw a party when she drags herelf into the kitchen to prepare something to eat.
  11. Follow her into the bathroom, wagging your tail and smiling.
  12. Better yet, take her place in bed when she goes to the bathroom.
  13. Jump off the bed and insist that she lets you back up on her side.
  14. Lick the end of the thermometer.
  15. Growl that growl you growl when you see her hands idle and you want to be rubbed.
  16. Lay your head on her head.
  17. Hog the bed.
  18. Stand up on the bed between her and the ringing phone on the other side of the bed.
  19. Disappear. Suspiciously disappear.
  20. When her office calls, bark happily as if you are having the best "snow" day ever!

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