Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ozarks Adventure: Day Six, My Trip to Branson!

o-boy-o-boy-o-boy! A road trip!

Mom and Auntie N shopped, and I sniffed and greeted folks.

I love a trip in the car, especially when they're short trips.

This place was like none I've really seen before... lots of old folks, for sure, which is cool. Maybe next year we'll go to Disney Land!

You're probably asking... a trip to the Ozarks, with the colorful changing leaves... and the best you've got to show for is it is THIS photo? What can I say? Mom's the one with the opposable thumbs and forefinger!

We got back to the cabin in time to chow down on more good food and a good nap in front of the tv. Mom seems a little antsy tonight, but I'm not going to worry about it. If something's up, I'll be the first to know.

As I slumber, I'm thinking... if we're not going home, we need to fix this place up with a fenced yard and a little St Augustine.

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