Friday, September 02, 2005

Rado, My Friend, My Sweetheart

My Friend
My Sweetheart
Rado trotted through the Gates of Heaven last night.
If I know my Rado, he is working the crowd tonight.
He is missing his Daddy, Judy, Grandma and Grandpa
but the half of Heaven
that have had the honor of meeting him,
playing with him and petting him,
are already under his spell.
Rado is sweet and gentle.
And easy going.
He is handsome and happy.
And Rado has a good sense of humor.
Rado is making the most of his new Adventure.
I am sad today.
I spent Thanksgiving 2004 with Rado.
It was love at first sight.
We spent four blissful days together.
He humored my every whim.
We made a sandwich out of Mom.
He liked all the dogs I like.
And he barked ferociously at all the dogs I don't.
He shared his treats and I shared mine.
We ate turkey together on Thanksgiving Day.
He even let Mom photograph him in those moose ears.
I especially loved the way he woofed to remind Mom of dinnertime.
I will miss Rado.
I had hopes that we would spend much more time together.
I know his family did, too.

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