Sunday, August 07, 2005

Golden News: Murphy's Law

They say every dog has his day... and Murphy will be spend his in court!

You see... this sweet golden retriever named Murphy has received a summons to appear in court in Newton, Mass., to answer a complaint that he was being walked without a leash and was not up to date on his license.

By law, it was his "daddy" who was responsible for both ends of the leash, as well as paying the registration fee. And it was he who should have received the summons. However, apparently confused by his common human name, the animal control officer sent the complaint to the innocent, victim of his daddy's negligence, Murphy.

Murphy's pop told the Boston Herald that he doesn’t see how Murphy will be able to come up with the $50 fine.

Heck... I would have to hock most every of my toybox on ebay to come up with that kind of cash! I got lots of toys... but a hippo with a punctured lung won't draw much!

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