Sunday, August 14, 2005

Golden Retriever: What I like to do Outside


Squirrel Hunting:
Squirrels make nests in the pecan tree you see behind me. My favorite times of day are when they get up, when they feed, and when they head to bed.

They have jumped on my head several times before, attempting to jump from the fence to the tree. To my credit, and Mom's dismay, I have stopped two of them, dead in their tracks as they say...

I feel it my personal duty to chase them on the powerlines, across the yard and down the fence, and to wait for them to fall out of the tree. They have barked at me, thrown things at me, and taunted me. They seek rescue from storms in my window sills and on the fence under my deep overhangs. It is not right. It is wrong. And I must make it known.

Lizard Hunting:
Chameleons hide in the shrub in front of me, as well as many other places in the yard. I generally find them by lying completely still and watching for the tiniest of movements. At night, I am fascinated by geckos as they crawl across the soffit of the porch, and along the brick walls. I've caught a couple, but have been severely scolded. It's hard to ignore them, and believe it or not, I just want to play.

Frog Hunting:
To the right of the tree, you can see the frog house that Mom has created. I never see them during the day, but at night... if I wait long enough, I can surprise them on the porch. Mom likes frogs, and she has lots of fake frogs in potted plants. Sometimes I see the real frogs jump into the pots and pose as if they're drinking coffee or reading books. It confuses me, so I let them go to preserve my dignity.

Sometimes, though, I see them hopping along in the landscaped bed. I try to just smell them... but they always jump. It kinda shocks me and kinda scares me, so I've never caught one. I really just enjoy looking for them.

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