Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Welcome to My Blog

I decided when I was a mere pup, while confined in the house during the day, maybe I would try some of the things that Mom enjoys.

She does a lot of writing, so I tried pens. I quite enjoyed the plastic between my teeth, but not so much my Mom's reaction to the creative ink spot on the floor when she got home. What can I say? She has to appreciate creativity all day at work, when she gets home... I think she's spent.

Next I tried the new Living Bible she bought. She seemed to glean a great deal of satisfaction and peace from it. I ate about a quarter of it one afternoon. I can't tell you what she said when she got home. Suffice it to say, it was not holy. I protested by telling her... "But Mom, I am full of the Living Word"!

I've learned a lot since those early days. Mom and I moved into this house, from our townhouse, 2 1/2 years ago. Since then, we have both embraced our responsibilities for both home and yard.

I fertilize regularly and find that security is an important issue. When confined in the house, I keep a close watch on both the front and back yards. The perimeter is a big concern for me. I rarely bark unless someone or something has entered my boundary. You just never know when that mailman, or that woman pushing the baby stroller, might decide to invade our abode.

There is also an emotional game that I play. I place my head in the front window as Mom backs out of the driveway. I return from time to time during the day, but at 4pm, I must hurry and camp out there again, awaiting Mom's return. It is good for her to think that she was missed.

Each day, too, I make it a point to visit and re-arrange the pillows on the sofa. The guest bed is an easy mark, too. It provides the perfect diversion for my afternoon wallow... and ultimate nap.

But there are times that I need to fill. Until today, I've filled those hours by re-circulating my toys from toybox to floor, by seeking out the TV remote to change channels or increase audio volume, by watching as much CBS as possible (especially Oprah... but when is Mom going to figure out that I'm missing Ellen) by being teased by squirrels who sit in the patio chairs, by transferring as much hair as possible to couch cushions, comforters, pillows and floors, and by thinking up new emotional tactics to use when Mom decides to leave home (and me) in favor of other pursuits.

Today... those things just didn't seem enough. And the thought occurred to me... a BLOG. I have so much to say. Mom is gone for many hours during the day... the computer is idle. THIS is PERFECT.

So, BLOG it is.

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